About Our Ministry

ALM’s Ministries is devoted to breaking the cycle of disparity and inequity that continues to be a scourge in the Black community in health, education and employment. The church has always been the strongest influence within the Black community, and we have been blessed to have access to numerous churches within the state of Connecticut and its surrounding areas. We are a 501(c)3 organization committed to building struggling neighborhoods into thriving communities through education, support, resources, and the power of Christ. Pastor McGuire is the current Vice President of the Black Ministerial Alliance of New Britain (BMA), Connecticut and a Co-Chair of the  Greater Hartford Ryan White Planning Council as well a CoChair of it’s Priority Needs Assessment Committee

The Martin Luther King Corridors Initiative

As part of the BMA, ALM’s Ministries is instrumental in the development of the MLK Corridor Initiative, a response to adverse conditions in neighborhoods in Connecticut containing Streets named after Rev. Dr. King. The initiative develops an effective and achievable redevelopment plan through an intentionally inclusive and comprehensive planning process with primary focus on Economic Development, Education, Housing and Workforce Development:

The Need for Affordable Housing and Closing the Homeownership Gap

Connecticut is home to the 5th highest Minority Homeownership gap in the U.S. Particularly within areas designated MLK Corridors the trend has been a steady decay of the housing stock, higher than average foreclosure rates, declining residential and commercial property values, increased blight and underinvestment in the supporting infrastructure.


The population in New Britain of those 25 years and over 19.7% have attained less than a high school diploma and only 18.4% of the population has attained a Bachelor’s degree or higher. This demographic faces pervasive challenges such as DCF intervention, deportation, and language barriers in education and in the work force.

Community & Economic Development: Comprehensive Employment Center

Diverse onsite employment sets us apart from other agencies seeking to run a shelter, provide employment or substance use assistance. We will utilize training programs that will be offered through the New Britain Board of Education for advanced manufacturing or use WIOA services at Capital Workforce Partners American Job Center. At the same time, we intend to offer onsite staff responsible for finding actual employment for those who have completed the provided training.

Rev. Dr. King Multicultural Center

In Education we envision a multicultural center with a rotating theme that will boost this long-neglected neighborhoods and become the transitional portal that connects the residents there to our city’s available resources.

Interview with Pastor André McGuire