Life Transformation


 through the power of Jesus Christ

“Navigate Life’s Storms Until You Are Able to Overcome Life’s Storms”

We Are ALM’s Ministries International

We embrace preaching and speaking engagements as we provide services to the most marginalized of communities by equipping men and women with Spiritual tools for living, enabling them to care for themselves and their own families’ needs. Our ministry is devoted to breaking the cycle of disparity and inequity that continues to be a scourge in the Black community in Health, Education and Employment. The church has always been the strongest influence within the Black community and ALM’s Ministries has been blessed to have access to numerous churches as well Health and Community Service organizations within and outside of the state of Connecticut.
ALM’s Ministries International is a 501(c)3 organization.

Our Vision

To break the cycle of recidivism and see the transformation of men – once downtrodden, oppressed, and marginalized – into men who are a credit to their families, communities, and the world.

Our Mission

To provide men with education, support, vocational training, and the Good News of Jesus Christ in order to restructure moral standards and facilitate stable, productive lives.

HIV+ Support

Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS continues to ravage the Black community to a much greater degree than any other demographic. ALM’s Ministries seeks to provide programs through churches and other community organizations to bring the message regarding HIV into the community most disparately affected. We at the same time open opportunities for testing and counselling if needed to those who ordinarily would not get tested. 

Halfway Home

Halfway Home is our comprehensive employment center that includes housing and services for men who suffer from homelessness, substance use disorder, those who are returning citizens, and those living with HIV.

Meetings: Support Groups and Bible Studies

ALM’s Ministries International, Inc. have for the last two years held an Open Bible Study every Monday Evening from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm. We have brought Men together every Thursday beginning at 6:00 pm in a study of God’s Word. This Bible study culminates with a time of Fellowship where Men get to discuss real issues with other Godly Men. These issues otherwise are not ordinarily discussed. It is a place where healing and acceptance begins. Also on Thursday at 8:00 pm we have an AA Men’s Recovery meeting. We have recently incorporated a conference line which can be introduced as discussed below.

We are adding A Unity and Peace, Morning Word on our all new Free Conference Line 1-562-766-7715. Call in every Saturday Morning at 7:00 am. Our Morning Word leader/facilitator is Concetta M. Milton.


ALM’s Ministries International offers the men we serve a variety of resources, from Bible teachings and studies to reentry employment forms, health and employment information, and instruction on managing personal finances.