Recommended Reading

We use and recommend the following books as part of your journey to wholeness and healing in Christ. As we find other books we think are helpful, we’ll add them to the list here.

The Revealing of a Godly Man, by Pastor André L. McGuire

Allows its readers to become more aware of the attributes of Godliness. Insights regarding faith and visions nurture and help readers to function as one body while reminding readers that as men, women and children of God we are all connected. The book underscores the fundamental notion of women being trained to not only spiritually support the men in their lives, but to also assist them in their relationship with God thus helping female readers understand their sacred role, and bringing any couple closer together.

“The Revealing…” can be purchased for $22.99 by calling 866-909-Book or to get a signed copy send money order plus five dollars ($5.00) postage and handling made out to Andre’ L. McGuire at ALM’s Ministries International, Inc. 189 Washington Street Unit 260397 Hartford, Conn. 06126. Include a note indicating the name of the individual to receive the signed copy. “The Revealing…” can also be purchased from Amazon for Kindle.

It is my fervent prayer that God would use this offering to edify you in accordance to the power and grace of God.

Men, Get Real With Your Finances by Bradley Vinson

It takes more than money to win. This book addresses the spiritual root causes of the money problems men face. Offering biblical solutions, that when properly and consistently implemented will improve the quality of life of men, their marriages, their families and their futures. This book is for men who have had enough of business as usual and want to do something now about their financial condition. This book is for men who want to see change in their lives from the inside–out. 

“I work everyday to change the world with the hope of eradicating poverty as we know it. Learning the language of money and understanding that building wealth is not always about making more money, but rather making better decisions with the money you make, are two keys to reaching financial stability and success.